Outreach to Teach

IMG_2819What is Outreach to Teach?

The Student Wisconsin Education Association / WEAC Region 9 is devoted to public education. StWEA understands that school districts in Wisconsin have been forced to cut back on necessities and more due to state-imposed revenue controls and reduced state funding. Outreach to Teach volunteers help schools fill that gap. StWEA members volunteer a weekend of their time, energy, and talents to advocate for students who deserve to have classrooms that are efficient and safe, quality staff, and an involved community. Outreach to Teach helps by giving future educators “real experience and opportunity” to work with current educators, association members, and involved parents, while helping to create a bright and pleasant learning environment. This joint effort will bring together StWEA members, teachers, public school students, and the community to highlight the success of Wisconsin’s Public Schools and to rally support for public education.

What are the Goals of Outreach to Teach?

  • To provide the Outreach Site with volunteer hours to create improvements to the physical conditions of their school, with the assistance of the local association and its members.
  • To educate Student WEA members and the larger community about the severe, negative impact of revenue controls and decreased funding on Wisconsin Public Schools.
  • To build intergenerational relationships between WEAC’s student and retired affiliates.
  • To build and/or reinforce coalitions within the community, district, local, and state association.
  • To provide StWEA members the opportunity to network with Region leaders and members.

How Can I get My School Involved with Outreach to Teach?

This event has helped many students, schools, and communities throughout the years, and we would love to be able to add your school to the growing list of participants.

Apply to be an Outreach to Teach School!

Where was the 2015 Outreach to Teach?

Outreach to Teach 2015 took place at Random Lake Schools in Random Lake. The event was hosted on October 10th-11th. We worked with this great school district to renovate the K-12 school with painting and infrastructure projects. It was a great opportunity to give back and invest in Wisconsin’s schools! 
Outreach to Teach 2015:

Outreach to Teach 2015! – Student Wisconsin Education Association | Facebook

Where has Outreach to Teach Happened in the Past?

Outreach to Teach began in 1998, and has helped many Wisconsin communities. Listed below are some of the more recent participants, many along with videos documenting the event!

  • 2007-2008 – all three public schools of Prescott, WI (Prescott Middle School, Prescott High School, and Malone Elementary) – Outreach to Teach 2008
  • 2010-2011 – Wonewoc-Center School District in Wonewoc, WI
  • 2013-2014 – Washington Middle School and Danz Elementary School in Green Bay, WI – Outreach to Teach 2013