About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission as Aspiring Educators is to support, provide opportunities, be a voice, and network with and for future educators.

What is Aspiring Educators?

Aspiring Educators is the only professional association in the state for pre-service educators to pursue professional development, community service, and advocacy opportunities. The organization is open to all students, but we primarily serve students planning on entering into careers in education. Aspiring Educators was created as the Student program to WEAC, and serves as a proud advocacy group for public education. There is a Aspiring Educators chapter on every campus in the state, and we serve over 1,000 members. One of the wonderful parts of being a Aspiring Educators member, is that every member is part of a much bigger picture. The structure of the organization starts with you, at your local chapter and expands to a national scope.

Local Level

This is where the meat of the organization lies. This is where many of the wonderful events and professional development will take place on each individual campus. Each campus elects a leadership team at their local campus, and each chapter is represented at the state level by the local chapter president.

Aspiring Educators  State Level

Chapter presidents make up theAspiring Educators Board of Directors. The five state Aspiring Educators officers are also on the Board of Directors. Four of those officers are elected at the Student WEA Representative Assembly each Spring, and the President is elected usually in early December.


All members of Aspiring Educators are members of Region 9 of the Wisconsin Education Association Council. WEAC is Wisconsin’s largest teachers union, and we have the opportunity to have a voice in the association. The Aspiring Educators President has a voting seat on the WEAC Board of Directors.


Aspiring Educators is an award-winning organization affiliated with the National Education Association. A student is elected to a two year term as the National Student Chairperson and represents students on the NEA Board of Directors.

Aspiring Educators 2018-19 Handbook

Take a look at the Aspiring Educators 2018-19 handbook for more information on member benefits, background information, how we work, leadership opportunities, how to build a strong local chapter, fundraising and event ideas, events going on around the state, and much more!

2018-19 Aspiring Educators Handbook

It is a great resource for all of our members to use, but especially those who are in a leadership position or looking to run for one!


Aspiring Educators 2018-19 Constitution & ByLaws

Take a look at the Aspiring Educators 2018-19 constitution and by-laws for more information on how our organization functions. We will vote on the changes made/updates at the April RA/Transitions meeting in Madison.

StWEA Constitution Bylaws For Voting at the 2018 Student WEA RA

Membership Benefits

If you are interested in more information on what you receive as a part of Aspiring Educators, visit the WEA membership page below to see all the benefits of a membership!

WEA Benefits