WEAC supporting effort by ‘Wisconsin Family Ties’ to oppose student discipline measure

WEAC is supporting an effort by Wisconsin Family Ties to oppose the so-called “Teacher Protection Act,” a pending bill in the Legislature that presents a misguided approach to student discipline.

Wisconsin Family Ties has created a Facebook post encouraging educators, parents and other citizens to contact their legislators expressing concern about this pending measure now known as LRB-0917.

The organization says the measure:

  • Infringes on student privacy rights.
  • Encourages ineffective, punitive responses to disability-related behavior.
  • Creates detrimental linkages between out-of-school incidents and school records.
  • Expands the “school to prison pipeline”.
  • Undermines the administrative chain of command, potentially placing teachers, administrators, and school boards at odds over established policy.
  • Compromises due process rights regarding suspension for students with disabilities.
  • Disproportionately affects students with disabilities and mental health challenges.

WFT action alert is online at: http://tinyurl.com/y8688wvz

WEAC already is on record opposing the measure being advanced by Republican Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt, and has sent him a letter outlining WEAC’s concerns. WEAC instead has proposed implementation of a set of Educator Protection Principles. In addition, the School Administrators Alliance, disability rights groups, and even the WI DPI have weighed in to urge Thiesfeldt not to introduce his bill.