Student Wisconsin Education Association Home Page

Are you interested in education? Then you have come to the right site. You have the opportunity to join hundreds of pre-service educators from around the state for another great year in the Student Wisconsin Education Association. Student WEA is the only professional association for pre-service teachers in Wisconsin. It is run by students, for students. You choose your experience. So this begs the question…

What will your Student WEA experience look like this year? 

It could be attending the state wide Professional Development Conference in March with hundreds of other students, learning, growing, and developing skills that will prepare you for your future classroom….

….It might be networking with teachers and administrators from other WEAC regions and locals to establish a relationship with a teacher-mentor.

You can volunteer to renovate a school in need at this year’s Outreach to Teach event, October 10-11, in Random Lake, Wisconsin….

….Maybe you’ll take on a leadership position at the local or state level and make decisions that impact hundreds of student teachers for years to come.

What if you served on a statewide committee and help make decisions that effect public education?…

….Or, you could volunteer to read to children at one of our local, “Read Across America” events to promote literacy.

 What ever you decide to make of your Student WEA experience, we are here for you every step of the way to provide support, resources, and an avenue for you to succeed! Explore our website and check out our handbook to see what events are coming up and the great opportunities you have through Student WEA!

Meet our new President Elect, Emily Sibilski!

Emily Sibilski

Here’s what Emily has to say as to why she’s excited for the future of Student WEA:

When I decided I was going to officially run for the position, I was told to start brainstorming about what I wanted my “vision” to be as I run. I knew my general idea – that I wanted to focus more on building the momentum, support and excitement of our country’s future educators – but I didn’t know exactly how I wanted to articulate this, so naturally, I texted my mom.

Her response was – “look for the good, as Mr. Rogers says.” At first, I didn’t think anything of this response, but eventually thought, you know, she might be on to something… So I did some research on Mr. Rodgers – a normal activity for a college student – and found a quote I wanted to share with you all. He said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'”

This quote made me realize something. Well, one, that we both have very wise mothers, but two, that teachers are the helpers. No matter what “scary” things happen on the news, or in the community, on in their students’ lives, they are always there, helping. They are the single constant. As your president, I will make it my mission that you all – the helpers – feel supported, prepared, and most importantly, excited to enter this noble profession. Let’s focus on the good.”