Time magazine says: As Scott Walker falls, Mary Burke rises

In an article titled “As Scott Walker Falls, His Democratic Challenger Continues to Rise,” Time magazine covers Wisconsin’s very tight race for governor, noting that “Mary Burke is running a campaign aimed at distinguishing herself from the increasingly unpopular Wisconsin governor.”

The article reviews Scott Walker’s controversies, troubles and failures, from his implementation of Act 10, that stripped collective bargaining rights from most public employees to the scandal over his Economic Development Corporation to accusations that he participated in a “criminal scheme” to illegally coordinate with outside groups during his campaign and recall, to his failure to fulfill his campaign pledge to create 250,000 jobs, actually logging just over 100,000 jobs, the worst job growth rate in the Midwest.

According to the Time article:

Burke is experiencing a boomlet. The race has finally broken through on the national level and she’s hoping to attract more money, though she’s raised an impressive $6 million already, and more high-profile surrogates. “At the moment, Burke has an important quality: the potential to defeat Walker,” says Barry Burden, a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

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As Scott Walker Falls, His Democratic Challenger Continues to Rise

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