Teacher Angela Wiemer serving on statewide SAGE committee


WEAC member Angela Wiemer, a second grade teacher in the Cambria-Friesland School District, is spending time at the State Capitol this summer to serve on a legislative panel that is taking a look at Wisconsin’s Student Achievement Guarantee in Education Program (SAGE).

“I have had the opportunity to see the great effect that SAGE has had on the [Cambria-Friesland] school district,” Wiemer wrote in a letter to Senator Olsen, who represents her in the Legislature and serves as chairman of the SAGE committee. “SAGE benefits the students, teachers, and community by creating a positive and motivational learning environment. I believe it is important that the SAGE program continues to thrive for the success of our children. I appreciate the opportunity that you have given educators to contribute to the policy discussions on this issue that really matter to us.”

The specific charge of the committee directs the panel to study the SAGE program; whether there are alternatives to current class size limitations that would allow schools to achieve the aims of SAGE; and whether the Department of Public Instruction should be authorized to waive the class size limitations in a school that implements alternative interventions, or to otherwise provide funds and assistance for alternatives to class size limitations.